Dubai SME Teams up with The Co-Working PopUp for a Summer Exchange Program

Dubai SME is an agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) which develops the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector in Dubai. This agency has now partnered with The Co-Working PopUp for a Summer Exchange Program this year.

The Co-Working PopUp is a UAE-based and Dubai SME certified community-driven coworking space and incubator for start-ups and small businesses which is now operating in London as well. The program is to take 10 entrepreneurs from UAE to the Co-Working PopUp’s branch in London for a five-day Workshop there, and is scheduled to take place from 19th to 23rd August 2019. The purpose of this program is to train local start-ups and entrepreneurs to think and plan on a global level and to allow them to learn from their fellow entrepreneurs in London.

“Partnerships with public and private sector enablers are a key aspect of the holistic support system Dubai SME has successfully developed to encourage startups and growth into global enterprises. The Co-Working PopUp is a Dubai success story that expanded to London, creating a bridge between the start-up ecosystems of the two cities," said Abdul Baset Al Janahi, CEO of Dubai SME. 

Shahzad Bhatti, Founder, and Owner of The Co-Working PopUp said that this program ‘will empower Dubai-based entrepreneurs – both Emirati and expats - with skills that will help them launch and grow a global business’ as it is set in London which is one of the world’s best business centers.

He also said that this program will encourage the entrepreneurs of Dubai and London to share ideas leading to international start-up partnerships which would be very beneficial.

Entrepreneurs that are willing to be a part of this program, can apply for it by sending a summary of their business ideas or their skills to The Co-Working PopUp by 5 August 2019. 10 applicants will be selected to participate in the 5-day Workshop at The Co-Working PopUp in Dalston, London. It is an opportunity for the participants to socialize there and exchange their business ideas with London’s entrepreneurial community. There will be five workshops for the participants during this 5-day program:

- Developing Your Business Idea and creating an MVP

- Creating Your Brand & Identity

- Sales, Pitching and Public Speaking

- Developing Your Marketing Strategy

- Growing Your Startup & Managing Your Work/ Life Balance.

This program will also give a chance to the participants to enjoy and visit the city's famous sites such as museums, art galleries, theatre, historical landmarks, shopping sites and places of tourist attractions.