Dubai founder of The Entertainer brand sells majority stake

By Nick Webster / The National


SOURCE: The National - Dubai founder of The Entertainer brand sells majority stake 

How do you sell a product that appears too good to be true?

That was one of the challenges facing Dubai businesswoman Donna Benton, who has just sold an 85 per cent stake in The Entertainer for a reported nine-figure sum.

Offering discounts on spa days, brunches, hotel stays and golf, to name but a few, the discount service makes life in Dubai that little more affordable.

Do not be afraid to follow your dreams is her biggest tip to other single mums who may have ambitions of following in her footsteps towards a life of financial security and multimillionaire status.

The Australian entrepreneur built the product from nothing shortly after arriving in the country 17 years ago.

Ms Benton signed the deal with Bahrain's GFH Financial Group at home with her two young children, and said the opportunity was too good to resist.

“It has been a roller coaster with many different emotions and I had butterflies in my stomach when it came to signing the deal,” she said.

“As a mum, I was doing it for my kids and didn’t want to be greedy. I still own 15 per cent and feel very much a part of The Entertainer. It just felt like time to cash out a little bit considering where I am in life.”