Dubai-based REPEAT raises $2.5M series A round to scale world’s first smart loyalty platform for merchants

Tech startup can increase restaurant revenue by 25% for all transactions going through its app

Repeat is the world's first smart loyalty platform for restaurants that dynamically rewards customers for their frequency and spend.

The Dubai-based tech startup has created a win-win solution for both merchants and consumers. Repeat helps restaurants increase their revenues while giving targeted and tailored rewards to their most loyal customers.

Repeat is the world’s first to apply the principles of dynamic personalized pricing to the F&B industry. It’s a unique, app-based and always-on marketing solution that promotes restaurants and helps bring customers back sooner by offering tailored rewards based on frequency and spend. 

Omer Gurel, co-founder of Repeat said: “Since going live in Q1 this year, we have already onboarded more than 400 outlets on our platform and increased our clients’ revenue by an average of 25% for all transactions going through the app.”  

Some key clients include Nando’s, California Pizza Kitchen, Yo Sushi, Burger Fuel, Circle Café, Projeto Acai, Max’s, Yugo and Mizu. Repeat is on track to reaching its target of having over 2,000 F&B UAE outlets listed on its platform by the end of 2020.

Gurel added: “The F&B sector has embraced Repeat and the pace of adoption is very fast because we are the only app in the world which offers merchants the flexibility, insights and control they need, unlike other voucher or discount-based programmes which do not build loyalty, distort the value proposition of the restaurant and cannibalise their margins.”

With Repeat, merchants gain access to customer data, have full real-time control of their public profile and enjoy complete freedom to customise or adjust their individualised incentives programme any time they want. 

Restaurants in the Repeat programme are free to increase or decrease any time the frequency and spending thresholds that determine the loyalty level of their own customers.

This is not the case with other loyalty programmes which enforce the same rigid structure upon all outlets.

“Our vision is to become the personalised pricing service for everyone everywhere, a loyalty platform with universal applications that will branch out to other hospitality sectors as well as beauty salons, spas and other lifestyle related services,” said Gurel.  

“Our ambition is to transform the global loyalty management market currently growing at a CAGR of 23.3%.”