Who are the selected 14 startups being trained for growth in the 3rd Batch of 500 Startups’ MENA Dojo Series A Program
MAGNiTT is thrilled to be a part of the 14 startups participating in 500 Startups’ Batch 3 of the MENA Dojo Series A Program.
The MENA Dojo is a month-long program which kicked off in Kuwait on March 31st and brings together startups from across the region that are on pace to raise a Series A within 6-9 months, aiming to help them dramatically increase their growth.
The program includes mentorship, hands-on workshops and lectures held by a panel of international growth experts. Proven growth tactics are designed to help the startups fine-tune their product positioning and prioritize the next stage of development on their roadmap to scale key metrics.

The 14 startups who will be joining the third batch of the program have headquarters in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait and extend across a number of industries including FinTech, FoodTech, Transportation, TravelTech, MarTech, Advertising, IT solutions, Healthcare, Network & Community, Hospitality, eCommerce, biometrics, R&D, IoT, and Real Estate. 


Here’s a full list of the 14 participating startups

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ADGS Computer System is an R&D company working in the fields of behavioral biometrics, artificial intelligence applied to human language, and emergent behavior applied to biomedical simulations. It has developed STROKK, a revolutionary software that makes stolen passwords useless to hackers by recognizing how you type.

Sector: IT Solutions // B2B
Founders: Hassan Al Ansari, Christophe Billiottet


Ajar Online is a cloud service providing efficient property management tools including quick and simplified online rent payment and collection processes for landlords to improve collection performance, understand their financial position instantly, and help make the right decisions.
Sector: FinTech, Real Estate // B2B, B2B2C
Founders: Shaheen Al Khudhari


AlgoDriven helps car dealers, finance teams and insurance companies accurately price cars by providing comprehensive, accurate and actionable vehicle identification and pricing data.
Sector: Transport // B2B
Founders: Glenn Harwood, Jaron Crossland


Buseet is an app allowing busy commuters to share a bus with others from a convenient pickup point nearby.
Sector: Transport // B2C, B2B
Founders: Amr Elsawy


CODED is an educational company that helps young Arabs get high-paying jobs and become tech founders by teaching them how to code, offline or online, Arabic.
Sector: EdTech // B2B, B2C, B2G
Founders: Ahmad Marafi and Hashim Bahbahani


Dailymealz is a food subscription app to help employees save time and eat healthier by delivering fresh healthy meals to their offices every day.
Sector: FoodTech // B2B,B2B2C
Founders: Mohamed ElZalabany, Abdelrahman Said, Abdallah Mohamed, Motaz AbuOnq


Fatora.io is a smart online invoicing platform that streamlines online payments between merchants and their clients in the MENA region, powered by AI.
Sector: FinTech, E-Commerce // B2B,B2B2C
Founders: Waleed Alyafie


Garment IO is a plug and play software/hardware solution providing garment factory managers and owners a complete overview of production processes, labor performances and cost calculations and helps boost the productivity of garment factories via IoT.
Sector: IoT // B2B
Founders: Ahmed Nounou, Mahmoud Sabae


Keepface is a marketplace to help brands collaborating with influencers to boost marketing ROI in emerging markets. With over 18,000 registered influencers, Keepface allows brands to reach an audience of 1.7 billion.
Sector: Advertising & Marketing // B2B
Founders: Vagif Abbasov, Elshad Yusifli, Emin Valiyev


Jobedu is a streetwear brand that allows youth to express themselves through creative, original and locally-relevant designs. With partners such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Viacom and an army of super cool designers, Jobedu aims to be the go-to pop culture e-commerce destination.
Sector: E-Commerce // B2C, B2B2C
Founders: Tamer AlMasri


MAGNiTT is the most comprehensive data platform that connects investors to startups and provides access to localized tools and research. With over, 10,000 startups from across the Middle East, MAGNiTT is the go-to online platform for the MENA startup ecosystem.
Sector: Network & Community // Platform
Founders: Philip Bahoshy


Moodfit is the 1st online marketplace in the MENA region that matches young professionals with the right interior designer to help them furnish and decorate their spaces.
Sector: Consumer Service // B2B2C, B2C
Founders: Tarek Jaroudi, Ghassan Abi Fadel, Mohamad Sabouneh


Tripdizer is a Travel Tech company that enables millennial travelers to instantly plan and book personalized travel itineraries by learning about their personality and taste.
Sector: TravelTech // B2C
Founders: Ziad Eladawy, Hatem Ayoub, Yara Yehia, Mohamed Mostafa


Vapulus is a global leading payment gateway that grants you access to customers through its customer acquisition and loyalty tools and enables businesses to monetize, grow and analyze.
Sector: FinTech // B2B, B2C
Founders: Abdelrahman Elsharawy

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