DFin Holding to launch Camel Ventures, venture-debt focused fund

Egypt-based Digital Finance Holdings, Inc (DFin) has launched a Fintech-focused platform that aims to help build next-generation Fintech's in MENA, alongside launching a new venture debt fund - Camel Ventures. The fund is currently fundraising and its website says that they plan to launch in Q2 of this year. 

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DFin Holding is licensed and regulated by the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) with the objective of building the "first of its kind platform" of digital financial services across various subsidiaries and affiliated startups. Its affiliated startup portfolio currently includes CAYESH and Paynas

DFin announced its initial subsidiary companies to include Shekra (a digital financing platform solution), Optofolio (a robo-advisory and digital wealth management solution) and Camel Ventures. 

Khaled Hegazy, chairman of DFin Holding commented, “Fintech has become a clear cornerstone for economic growth and financial inclusion that is cross cutting across various sectors and industries. Based on the tremendous untapped market size and the pool of tech-savvy and innovative talent residing in Egypt, DFin is developing the appropriate and efficient infrastructure that enables the platform to grow as a fintech powerhouse in the region, and represents a clear growth opportunity with a positive societal impact."2021 MENA Venture Investment Report

Shehab Marzban, CEO and Founder of DFin Holding added, “We are venture builders, here to create value and to positively contribute to the fintech industry in Egypt by providing faster go-to-market capabilities through technology, synergy creation, and mutually beneficial alliances and partnerships with the different stakeholders capitalizing on everyone’s strength.

“Through Camel Ventures, we aim to complement the ecosystem of venture capital players by providing new financing options that address the actual capital needs of startups, thus helping them flourish while strengthening their current shareholder structure. This newly introduced vehicle also provides an attractive and favorable investment product for potential investors such as financial institutions, banks and family offices."

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