Datalytics24: An Omani Startup That’s Fighting the Fake News and Disinformation Phenomenon

Datalytics24, an AI-powered technological platform that is working to combat the rampant spread of ‘fake news’ and misinformation across all online media sources, this week announced they are taking their revolutionary solution online.

Providing fake news detection alerts that not only help everyday people filter out faulty information, but also help existing entities monitor their online reputation, Datalytics24 is enabling people everywhere to win the race against online manipulation.

“It’s no secret that misinformation can be devastating for businesses, public figures, social media influencers, and so forth; one negative comment has the power to completely take down a business empire,” said Ahmed Al Balushi, Founder and CEO of Datalytics24. “With our technology solution, now people can detect misinformation within seconds of it being posted, containing and filtering fake news putting users back in the driver’s seat.”

With the Datalytics24 platform, users can access real-time misinformation alerts, online content data analysis that processes online information pollution, sentiment analysis that detects mentions and tones, predictive analytics that helps individuals monitor, collect, and process data, social media analysis that strengthen brand reputation, and fake news identification to stop the misinformation before it spreads.

In totality, Datalytics24 provides users with the ability to detect content within seconds of it being posted, filter through fake news, take targeted action against hate speech, and process content posted worldwide.

“The global online information market is so enormous, that without the help of AI, it is nearly impossible to track all brand name mentions, misinformation, and sentiment analysis in real-time,” said Al Balushi. “That’s where Datalytics24 comes into the picture. Check out our new solution, available online today!”

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