DASH Ventures releases Investment Report to bring transparency to the MENA Startup Ecosystem

DASH Ventures, the Amman-based venture capital firm, have just released their “Overview of 2017 Opportunity Pipeline” infographic report. In the report, they stipulate their investment activities in 2017 – over the entire year, they screened 169 startups, which led to 2 new and 5 follow-on investments. The venture capital firm describes the report as "a deep dive; this infographic details the funnel of opportunities assessed by DASH Ventures during 2017, highlighting technology trends, geographic concentrations, industry breakdowns, and much more”.


One of these aforementioned funnels is the source of the deal flow, which plays an important role in a venture capital firm’s business. MAGNiTT is proud to have played a considerable part in DASH Ventures’ deal flow, with MAGNiTT being the third largest source of DASH Ventures’ deal flow in 2017, making up 11.5% of all investments reviewed. This data point exemplifies the role MAGNiTT looks to play in supporting the MENA startup ecosystem, since matching promising entrepreneurs with venture capitalists and other investors is core to the MAGNiTT proposition. Moreover, angel investors are able to connect directly with startups on the platform. Our new application process is specifcially designed to help institutions connect with MENA startups. 



Omar J. Sati, Managing Director at DASH Ventures, told MAGNiTT that “our [DASH Ventures] goal was to examine pipeline data in order to better understand the existing ecosystem and determine how DASH can continue to play a relevant role in its development.”  When asked about the MENA region’s transparency, he added that “going forward, we plan to share further insights into DASH’s inner-workings as we do our part in pushing MENA's venture industry to be more transparent, founder-friendly and competitive on a global basis."


DASH Ventures was able to generate the deal flow from MAGNiTT by having its own, tailored, application page – completely for free. It is possible to run your application through MAGNiTT, by simply creating a tailored application page with a personalized landing page, after which promising MENA startups will apply to you! Please contact [email protected] for any additional information, or click the subscribe button to get started.