Dubai's Daddy's Digest acquired by Schmooz Media to expand into parenting sector

Daddy’s Digest, a Dubai-based global media publication focused on all things fatherhood and family, has been acquired by Schmooz Media, a female-led Canadian digital marketing firm specializing in social media strategy. 

Following the acquisition, Daddy’s Digest, which was founded in 2017, will be moving its headquarters out of the region and to Toronto, Canada. 

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Daddy’s Digest is a website and video channel focusing on all things fatherhood and family, creating and curating daily in-depth features, personal stories, and expert advice to help everyone who is a parent be a better parent. Daddy’s Digest aims to touch on topics that are often overlooked in mainstream parenting magazines, such as the ups and downs of modern parenting and preparing for fatherhood, in an industry with content that is targeted almost exclusively to mothers.

The acquisition presents an opportunity for Schmooz Media to further expand into the parenting sector, with the positioning of a father’s role in parenting, amidst a changing world of family dynamics.

Vickram Agarwal, Founder of Daddy’s Digest said, “When I became a father, I noticed that the majority of parenting resources were geared towards mothers. Founding Daddy’s Digest filled a niche within the parenting industry – it provides a space where all parents and subject matter experts can share advice as they explore tough questions about navigating parenthood.

"The acquisition is a natural evolution for the brand – my intention and vision for Daddy’s Digest resonates with Zoe and aligns with the ethos of Schmooz Media. I know that Zoe will bring the same passion towards evolving the brand as I have.”

Vickram additionally commented on his time in the region, "I started my career in the UAE and created both my first and second businesses here. Creating a global brand, in a city that sets the standard for greatness was what allowed us to dream big and deliver bigger. We were relentless in our pursuit to do more, achieve more, reach more people, gain more traction. The country sets the brand up for global success, and it was the UAE that set us up for success."

The startup will operate alongside Schmooz Media and Agarwal will step into the role of advisor.

Zoe Share, CEO of Schmooz Media and Co-author of ABC Stay Home with Me" shared, I am delighted to be building relationships with existing collaborators and excited to welcome new readers to Daddy's Digest. As a parent myself, I have watched friends in my life not know where to go to find resources in a way that speak to men directly.”

Share plans to continue developing the already popular website into a leading platform for men looking for resources and a community around issues like surrogacy, adoption, discipline styles, how to navigate the stages of parenting as a father, and the best ways to talk to your kids and family about racism, sexuality, health and more.

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