CyberTalents launches CAAS “cybersecurity as a service” to serve startups

CyberTalents has launched CAAS “cybersecurity as a service” to serve startups. CyberTalents is a Cairo-based elite marketplace that connects top talented cybersecurity professionals with tech companies to secure their apps, and protect their growth journey.

Since the launch of the demand-side, Cybertalents provides gig talents to many startups in the region including, swvl, Dapi, Money Fellows, Sarwa, Harmonica, Almentor, Elmenus, Edfa3ly, and others.

Founded in 2018 by Moataz Salah, CyberTalents focuses on building the supply side by ranking the top cybersecurity talents using its state-of-the-art assessment technology. The platform hosts more than 100 cybersecurity contests which has allowed CyberTalents to score and rank security professionals based on their hands-on technical skills, instead of the regular CVs that exist in LinkedIn or other recruitment websites.

Today, CyberTalents is known to have the largest database of security professionals in the Middle East. With COVID-19 and remote working being adopted in different organizations, the CyberTalents model has proved to be efficient; to be able to provide its gig services to different companies on a global level with competitive pricing. CyberTalents is now focusing on growing its demand-side backed-up by the large and elite pool of security talents in its database.

The company is targeting global markets including the USA, Canada, and Germany, in addition to Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Companies will be able to use CyberTalents’ pool of talents to receive security services such as penetration testing, code review, cloud security review, Devsecops, compliance, and more. To support this growth, CyberTalents is planning to open a new office in The Hague, Netherlands, in order to focus on the European market.

Moataz Salah, founder and CEO of CyberTalents, said, “Our mission is to build the largest cybersecurity community in the world, use talents from this region to solve global problems. We were able to discover highly skilled talents, but lacking real opportunities. We want to provide them with the opportunities to use their skills for good.”

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