Crisis Control: UAE-based Startup Geeks Offers Tech Support At Your Doorstep (Literally)

By Pamella de Leon / Entrepreneur Middle East 


SOURCE : Entrepreneur Middle East - Crisis Control: UAE-based Startup Geeks Offers Tech Support At Your Doorstep (Literally)

For those of you who have experienced the sheer panic that comes after your trusted mobile or laptop gets damaged, this UAE-based startup’s offering may sound like a godsend. Launched in December 2014, Geeks offers on-demand tech services and support, with a simple but very appealing value proposition: when you find your favorite gadgets unusable, highly-skilled and trained technicians (i.e. “geeks”) will be dispatched to your location, be it at your office, event, or home, at your doorstep, and wherever possible, they’d get the problem fixed on the spot.

The idea for the enterprise came to co-founders Mousa Yassin and Fathi Al Sharif after the latter once had to get his laptop repaired, and found the experience to be a costly and inefficient affair- he either had to pay for an expensive replacement, or visit Bur Dubai to search through more affordable repair shops. The co-founders considered the long-term viability and scale of the problem, along with the growing trends of tech dependence and the need for quality tech support. The co-founders were also motivated with their desire to do something different after their years in corporate roles -Yassin, who’s now the CEO, comes from a management, operations and automation services background, while Al Sharif, the startup’s CTO, hails from an extensive IT background, which includes a stint at Microsoft.

“At a certain point, [you have] an urge to do something different, more challenging and to create something meaningful to the world,” says Yassin. “It starts off with that feeling, and then you act on it when the time [comes], and [the] idea is just right.” They started off Geeks with a basic MVP to handle requests, and then ran a basic marketing campaign to assess the market’s potential. When the duo saw positive results, Al Sharif worked on the startup full-time, while Yassin worked part-time to fund the business until they were ready to raise funding a year later.

Geeks team, from left to right: Fathi Alsharif, Mousa Yassin, Aya Samaha, Omar Dimashki, and Ala Majaj
Source: Geeks