Pakistan's Conatural Beauty secures $825K Pre-Series A funding

Conatural Beauty, a Pakistani and female-led natural and organic skin and hair care brand, has announced their $825K Pre-Series A funding round, from Pakistan-based VC Karavan and a group of experienced angel investors.

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Conatural is focused on branding, manufacturing, and retailing natural and organic beauty products tailored to the South Asian skin type. Founders Myra Qureshi Jahangir and Rema Taseer’s vision is to inspire, empower, educate, and provide beneficial beauty solutions that are free of toxic chemicals and to create beauty products both safe and effective. With natural and organic formulas along with no animal testing and commitment to recycling, the brand is committed to its 100% all-natural ethos.

As a women-led organization, they pride themselves on empowering women and providing opportunities for women in the workplace, with almost 50% of Conatural's staff being female.

Additionally, with over half a million followers on social media, Conatural sells online, in its own physical stores at Emporium Mall and Packages Mall in Lahore, through high-end retailers throughout Pakistan, and also exports products. It also provides private-label services for personal care products and has co-branded with local retailers as well as some export clients.  

Amad Saeed, partner at Karavan commented on the funding, “Conatural is innovating the way forward for the natural and organic beauty industry in Pakistan, being cognizant to the changing needs of the young population. They are building a brand in Pakistan that fundamentally redefines what beauty in Pakistan looks like. A brand that can compete on the global stage with the likes of Lush, Kylie Cosmetics (Kylie Skin), Huda Beauty (Wishful), and Glossier. Over the last 10 months of getting to know Myra, we are extremely excited to be joining her on this journey.”

The leading investor in the round, Weihan Liew, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor added, "Over the last decade, there have been various examples throughout Asia of local champions winning in the cosmetics and beauty products market and successfully competing with global giants. I believe Myra and Rema, being top-notched entrepreneurs with proven track records, will create the next-generation of a leading local beauty brand in Pakistan given their attention to quality, retail, and marketing expertise and savvy use of technology.”

Mikaeel Habib, an angel investor who represents i5 Capital said, “Here are two dynamic sisters driven to change the beauty landscape in Pakistan. It is a women-led organization that focuses on women empowerment through job creation. Conatural has also launched campaigns raising awareness on the detriments of skin bleaching and is against such kind of culture-based advertising. The Company is really well-positioned to take advantage of the rapid growth in the beauty sector of Pakistan which is growing at an annual rate of 13%.”

Myra Qureshi, CEO and Founder commented on the occasion, “Conatural's raise is well-timed with rapidly increasing demand for expansion. Partnering with serial investors brings significant competency along with capital. We have laid a strong brand foundation, have a robust national and international expansion plan. We’re really excited about the journey ahead. We are positioning ourselves as a key player in the market of natural and organic products, fostering product innovation."

The newly raised funds will be used to accelerate the growth of the company including into new product lines and channels including online, as well as driving more sales into export markets. Rema Taseer, Co-Founder of Conatural added, “We will continue to make Conatural the best product experience in the field of natural and organic and emerging as the pioneer and market leader. We are proud to partner with strategic investors who share our vision and look forward to building a clear brand based on the company’s ethos.” 

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