COFE App Discovery Campaign: Fuel for the Curious

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2021 emerged with a number of MENA-based startups raising funding rounds to optimize business functions and enhance work-life through meticulously integrated technologies or AI-driven infrastructures. In the UAE, SaaS startup Arrow Labs championed operation streamlining by developing software infrastructures to keep remote and mobile workers connected, while Leena AI takes a more comprehensive approach offering AI-driven HR functions that completely shift business models. However, one digital startup in Kuwait accessed the core driver for business optimization and employee wellbeing: Coffee On-Demand. COFE App, the Kuwait-based digital marketplace dedicated to coffee is not only fueling peoples’ drive through instant caffeine gratification but is now choosing to fuel their curiosity.

State-of-the-art coffee marketplace COFE App presents a Discovery Points campaign to encourage new and existing users to discover global and artisanal coffee brands. The innovative, easy-to-use application offers multiple premium services and features on one platform with access to a wide range of international coffee franchises and locally-based artisanal specialty coffee brands. The campaign launched across three key markets in the UAE, KSA, and Kuwait and offers AED 300 worth of Discovery Points for coffee purchases from up to 30 different brands on the platform.

With the Discovery Campaign, users can avail AED 10 worth of points from their Discovery Wallet for every order from the wide variety of Coffee brands offered on COFE App. For minimum orders of AED 15, using the points will effectively give the user an AED 10 discount on every coffee order from a unique brand. The points can be used across 30 different coffee shops, giving customers complete flexibility to order experience an array of brands.



Founded by Ali Al-Ebrahim in 2017, COFE App currently operates in Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Egypt, and Turkey, with further international expansion in the pipeline. The app currently boasts a network of over 700 coffee brands across over 4000 branches, offering users access to international brands like Costa Coffee, Caribou, Dunkin’, Gloria Jeans, and a host of artisanal coffee shops and roasters including Emirati Coffee, Surge, and CAF. Stimulating users’ curiosity to try out new coffee brands is an exciting process for both coffee lovers and coffee providers as founder and CEO Ali Al Ebrahim elaborates “We want to encourage our customers to try new brands, discover their favorite coffee from the different vendors on our platform and simultaneously support cafes and coffee houses get back on their feet. The COVID pandemic took a huge toll on businesses all over the world.  Our favorite coffee shops are essential to the vibrancy of a community and city, and the COFE App is solely dedicated to coffee and is committed to supporting local coffee businesses”.

One of the most popular drinks worldwide, over two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. The coffee industry in MENA is expected to reach $44bn this year, with coffee consumption experiencing a massive shift and sales growing at twice the global average. COFE provides multiple ordering solutions to coffee lovers with options including pick-up delivery, delivery to the car, and express delivery options.

The campaign has already resulted in 1M app downloads and caused the app to rank No. 1 on the App Store in the UAE, KSA, and Kuwait. The COFE App Discovery Points campaign instantly allows new consumers the opportunity to enjoy more of their favorite beverages and opens them up to the diverse world of coffee.

Check Out COFE App to know more about the Discovery Campaign.

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