CODED announces its demo-day to graduate their first group of Full-Stack developers in Jordan

CODED, the first coding education company in the Middle East, is announcing its demo-day to graduate its first group of Full-Stack developers from Amman, Jordan. 

The 14-week full-time bootcamp is tuition-free and aimed to prepare participants for the job market as junior-level full-stack developers capable of building mobile applications and websites using Python, Django, JavaScript, React, and React Native.

The demo-day will serve the purpose of showcasing what the students have learned in front of a group of panelists from various tech companies looking for potential recruitment. The event will explain the experiences the students went through, from where they were before the bootcamp to become full-stack developers. They will then showcase their capstone project, followed by a quick Q&A session. The event is set to start this Sunday at 9:30 pm (Arabian Standard Time - GMT +3) and will be live-streamed through CODED Facebook, and Youtube channels.

Throughout the Bootcamp, CODED has worked closely with each student to prepare them for the job market both technically and non-technically, including teaching them soft skills such as professional communication, resume building, and work-place conduct.

Upon completion of the Bootcamp, CODED will assist students with job placement, and provide them with recruitment opportunities from their recruitment network. Recruiters will have the chance to meet the students during demo-day, and can contact the CODED team to facilitate contact with graduates.

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