CMOLDS is about to hit a huge deal in Asia at GITEX 2019

The biggest tech event of the year is coming to Dubai on 6th October 2019. The huge, 5-day event is calling all the tech giants, digital enthusiasts, aspiring entrepreneurs, business heads, futurists, IT geeks, and digital whizzes to witness some of the recent technological advancements in various industries with the unified aim of driving digital excellence.

According to the data provided by the event’s management, GITEX 2018 collected a business of astonishing $179 million, or AED 657.5 million, while the stakes for this year is even higher.

Conducted at the Dubai World Trade Center, the GITEX Technology Week makes way for the future technology and invites all the participants to contribute their expertise in the making.

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CMOLDS at a glance!

This year, CMOLDS, a mobile app and game development company in US, will feature its exhibition with its top minds in GITEX 2019. The agency is well-known for its creative display in the development industry and boasts a diverse portfolio featuring mobile applications for clients from different industries worldwide.

CMOLDS boards a team of talented designers and developers working with an agile mindset, regardless of the project requirements or industry type. The team acquires a number of iOS, Android, cross-platform, and gaming app projects to their name.

Why participate with CMOLDS?

Already working with a strong foothold in US, CMOLDS is now stretching its strategic and technical brilliance in the MENA region. Here are some key takeaways of what we plan to exhibit at the event and what’s in store for the future.

  • Participants will witness their portfolio in augmented/virtual reality applications and learn how we plan to work on mixed reality projects in the near future. Our successfully completed and launched AR/VR projects include Who’s My Mutter, Skyfiti, and Go Trail.
  • Learn how app product strategy governs the planning and execution of every project at CMOLDS. The company focuses on meetings the client’s needs at the niche level, while the company’s custom requirements in case of a B2B client.
  • CMOLDS is about to become a digital hub at the global level after its collaboration with Digitonics Labs, another US-based digital media company.
  • Our portfolio exhibits apps from all the major industries worldwide including financial services, entertainment, personal development, healthcare, administration and management, sports and leisure, and more.
  • CMOLDS plans to take business applications to the next level, gamifying existing apps and incorporate interactive, playable features to enhance employee productivity and client satisfaction.

The company is planning to meet the next-gen minds in the tech industry and share creative ideas for an overall business excellence and enhanced productivity through online channels.