Cartlow - An All-New Mobile App Set to Change the World of Online Shopping with a 'Smarter Way to Shop'

The ultimate e-commerce solution that help customers bag the best deal, and retailers discard less.

Recently launched in the UAE, Cartlow is a first-of-its-kind mobile app in the region to deliver a simple yet efficient method for both retailers and customers to buy and sell a wide selection of  certified pre-owned, refurbished, open-box and clearance products. Cartlow presents its shoppers with unbeatable prices on every-day products and caters to the retail division by regulating inventory, while eliminating unsustainable practices, one purchase at a time.

Cartlow’s mission is to deliver expertly-tested, certified products with up to one-year warranty, providing users with a peace-of-mind shopping experience, and a guaranteed snag at the hottest deals. These goods include mobile phones, tablets, phones, laptops TVs, home appliances, watches, toys and more to come.

At the forefront of the e-commerce industry, Cartlow offers a solution to customers with a reliable and trusted channel, a strong digital structure, a guaranteed warranty and return policy, and enhanced high standard operations. A section of the business also assists consumers to sell pre-owned products through a ‘buy-back’ program, where functional gadgets are refurbished by a team of Cartlow's own experts, and resold, while inoperable products are dismantled and recycled.

Cartlow intends to partner with a number of retailer and distribution channels such as Sharaf DG,, Carrefour, Jumbo Electronics, E-Max, Virgin Megastore and others to turn inventory problems into asset.

The app aims to dominate the market with game-changing benefits to retailers and distributors, who dispose millions of returned and overstocked products regularly. In most cases, these items are in top shape and fully functional, however unsustainable practices and certain company regulations lead to retailers simply tossing away these items or selling them at low retrieval rates. The sustainable-driven app plans to empower retailers and distributors with a solution to sustain healthy inventory. By taking on returned and excess goods from retailers, Cartlow reduces waste and carbon emissions through its recycling and reselling program, setting an example in the industry by promoting sustainable habits.

Cartlow is founded and led by Mohammed Sleiman, ex Co-Founder and Managing Director of Helpbit (An Amazon acquired Company under, who has previously built and lead one of the largest aftersales operations and on demand service app in the region. With more than 15 years of managerial experience with a number of leading firms, Mohammed found a gap in the market and a business opportunity within the pre-owned and refurbished Industry.

Mohammed Sleiman: “We are extremely excited to launch Cartlow, the first of its kind e-commerce solution for consumers and retailers/distributors. With this app, customers can expect a range of good quality products, tested and certified by our team of experts, while passing on savings to the end consumer. We aim to digitally structure the industry with a trusted channel, while leading the way toward illuminating unsustainable practices and steps to save the environment.”

The UAE is considered to be one of the top markets in the region for online retail sales and services. The refurbished and pre-owned industry is estimated at $3 billion within UAE and KSA. This line of business is attracting a significant customer base for both developed and non-developed countries.

Cartlow is currently in process of raising funds to accelerate itself forward on operation, tech, selection and reach.