C4IR furthers the UAE in the realms of Blockchain by introducing an accelerator programme

C4IR UAE (The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution), has announced its plans to launch a blockchain accelerator programme.

Hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation, the programme aims to bring together public and private institutions to discuss blockchain technology. The programme will feature institutions from around the globe, such as the World Economic Forum, to demonstrate how they use blockchain to solve problems and revolutionise their respective fields.

The accelerator programme will test a toolkit which is already under development by C4IR UAE, WEF, relevant stakeholders and the WEF’s global blockchain community. The toolkit is geared towards increasing the deployment of blockchain technology by making the blockchain system more inclusive and more interoperable.

Since organisations are still figuring out the use of blockchain and there are no clear guidelines for the technology, the toolkit aims to train institutions for any unintentional consequences that might occur because of the use of the technology. Through this, the users will be mindful of the consequences that can befall and will push the institutions towards fully benefiting from the technology.

This accelerator programme is a step towards the UAE's Blockchain Strategy 2021 which was started by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. The idea behind the strategy is to transform Dubai into an innovation and digitization hub.

The UAE has started to realise the importance of blockchain technology for the development and advancement of the country. It is taking steps towards making this technology more accessible to the public and private sectors through initiatives such as UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021 and the Dubai Blockchain Strategy. It has also formed local and global blockchain councils, such as the Global Blockchain Council and the Dubai Future Council on Blockchain.

Moreover, Dubai is also the home of the world's largest blockchain event, the Future Blockchain Summit. The event gathers all the blockchain experts from around the globe to talk about this ever-evolving and volatile technology. These steps have helped the UAE become the center of everything related to blockchain. 

C4IR UAE will not only focus on blockchain technologies, but will also work towards developing frameworks in AI, ML and Precision Medicine. C4IR UAE is the 5th of its type of platform in the world, following its equivalents from the USA, China, India, and Japan. 

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