BizWorld and Companies For Good come together to teach entrepreneurship to UAE children

BizWorld UAE and Companies for Good partnered together to provide education in the fields of entrepreneurship and finance to children in UAE. Multiple events and workshops will be held for children aged 7 to 15. The integrated learning methodology will make learning more fun and engaging for children.

A workshop, sponsored by UBS was held at GEMS Metropole School in Motor City, with 240 children in attendance. During the workshop, children were taught business basics and the whole process of starting a business, from brainstorming to pitching the idea to investors.

The CEO BizWorld UAE, Helen Al Uzaizi commented on the partnership, stating “Partnering with Companies For Good allows us to expand the reach of our entrepreneurship and financial literacy programs. When we teach children how to find their entrepreneurial spirit, the outcome is a generation of leaders, innovators and change makers.”

The workshops are a great way to develop entrepreneurial mentality in young children, who will grow up to become prospective entrepreneurs and problem solvers. The partnership aims to encourage children to think outside the box, learn empathy, and figure out how to work in a team environment where people have their own ideas and might disagree with them.

Children will also learn important life skills through these workshops which will help them navigate the corporate sector later on and ultimately help them develop their career.

The founder of Companies for Good, Marc Ruiviejo Cirera talked about the significance of an entrepreneurial education for children. As established businesses are now realizing, it is easier to produce an entrepreneurial thought process when children are young and eager to learn. Cirera commented “we aim to have more support from the corporate sector in this field as this same mindset that makes great entrepreneurs also creates more capable professionals across all fields.”

BizWorld has been working to educate children on how to run businesses for 20 years now. Initially only limited to the US, it now has branches spread all over the world. It aims to produce future leaders and entrepreneurs through its education and training. Companies For Good is known for coming up with fun, engaging activities that promote team building within a business. All activities designed by Companies For Good have a social element to them.

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