Amman, February 13th, 2018. BeyondCapital announced today selecting the first wave of entrepreneurs that will be undergoing the company's entrepreneur support program, where 7 entrepreneurs representing 6 companies were selected.

The announcement came as a result of interviewing a number of startups in Jordan, which were shortlisted to the entrepreneur selection panel day where they met with top network mentors. The selection criteria adopted was to assess the readiness of the company and its growth potential to qualify for the program.

The companies selected at the event sponsored by Societe Generale Bank Jordan (SGBJ), are: Aqar Circle, Arion Bikes, BeMotion, Bilforon, Salalem, and Solfeh.

The Managing Director of BeyondCapital, Tamer Al Salah said that the next phase encompasses needs' assessment sessions with each of the selected companies, to identify strengths and weaknesses and set priorities to tackle each challenge and fulfill the gaps hindering the growth of the company to reach its utmost potential. BeyondCapital will provide entrepreneurs with access to top experts and mentors, markets, capital, as well as professional subsidized consultancy and training services.

On sponsoring the selection panel, SGBJ’s General Manager Nadim Abaouat stated that our bank stands behind entrepreneur initiatives and startups where in this successful event, SGBJ teamed up with reputable entities such as Beyond Capital, Silicon Badia, Endeavor Jordan, and USAID.

BeyondCapital was established at the end of 2017 as a partnership between Endeavor Jordan and Silicon Badia with funding from the USAID, as Jordan's chapter of the High Impact Investment Initiative implemented in the MENA region aiming to enhance the cooperation between investors and startups.

The company aims to mature the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem by providing comprehensive support to three main beneficiaries: Entrepreneurs, Finance Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors.