Bahrain to host 18th Arab Business and Investors Conference in November

Bahrain is set to host the 18th Arab Businessmen and Investors Conference on 11th November 2019, with the slogan "Investing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Pioneering and Innovation in the Digital Economy".

A roadshow event for the upcoming 18th Arab Businessmen and Investors Conference was hosted recently in Jeddah. The executive bureau members and top executives from both the Chambers were in attendance, including Khalaf Hosan Al-Otaibi, Mohammed Abduljabbar Alkooheji, and Basem Mohammed Al Saei.

In the opening statements, Al-Otiabi welcomed the Bahraini delegation and announced that they are willing to fully support the Jeddah Chamber in making the upcoming Conference a success.

Alkooheji also said that the BCCI was pleased to invite representatives from across the world to come together and explore the opportunities, possibilities, and challenges of the 4th Industrial revolution to obtain a better future.

He also stated that Bahrain is a great example of a business-friendly nation having no free zone restrictions, the majority of the activities owned by foreigners, and cost-efficient operations. Bahrain is the first nation in the GCC to end its dependence on oil and became the region’s most diversified and leading financial hub with a sustainable economy. According to Alkooheji, the Conference will focus on the impacts of the 4th Industrial Revolution on the region.

The 18th Arab Businessmen and Investors Conference has multiple objectives, including reviewing various successful Arab experiences, exploring investment opportunities and human resources in the digital innovation and business sector of Bahrain. The conference will focus on identifying issues involved in private Arab investments and ways to address them. The importance of the youth, women, startups, and small and medium-sized enterprises in pioneering the digital economy transformation in the Arab countries will also be discussed along with the prospects of collaboration and cooperation between entrepreneurs and investors of Bahrain and the Arab world.

The sponsors and organisers of the event include King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Union of Arab and the Bahrain Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Bahraini Ministry of Industry Commerce and Tourism, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO-ITPO), the Arab Investment & Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (Dhaman), and the General Secretariat of the League of the Arab States.

Around 1,500 participants from across the world are going to attend the conference, including key entrepreneurs, investors, regulators, policymakers, and international business influencers.

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