Bahrain to gather top Arab investors and businessmen later this year

The third edition of WEIF (World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum) and the 18th ABIC (Arab Businessmen and Investors Conference will be held in Bahrain this year.

Organised with the help of the Arab League, BCCI, UN Industrial Development Organisation, Union of Arab Chambers and The Export Credit Guarantee Corporation, the conference is meant to lead the 4th industrial revolution and digital innovation in Arab countries.

The aim of the ABIC is to attract investors to start-ups and to highlight the world of entrepreneurship, by covering the challenges and opportunities that are present in the Arab world right now. The focus of the conference would be on both public and private sectors.

BBCI board member, Sonya Mohamed Abdulla Janahi commented “The 4th Industrial Revolution has made paradigm changes in the way society and businesses have been functioning and is about more than just technology-driven incremental change. It is an opportunity to help varied stakeholders, including leaders, policy-makers and the general population from all income groups and nations, to harness converging technologies in order to create an inclusive, human-centered future.”

1,500 participants from around the world are expected to attend the conference. In this one of a kind gathering in the region, experts from the fields of policy making, business investors, regulators, influencers and entrepreneurs will impart their knowledge to the participants.

The point of the 18th ABIC is to discuss the impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the region, and how businesses can benefit from this new wave of entrepreneurship. The participants can learn how to solve challenges in the most effective and efficient manner when it comes to businesses and ventures.

A major event at ABIC is the Entrepreneurship Rally, a competition structured to help Arab university students pitch their business ideas and have the opportunity to convert that idea into a startup. This competition will build the self-confidence and resilience in students so that they can face any challenges that their businesses might face in the future.

As for WEIF 2019, the theme for this year is “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through Entrepreneurship & Innovation” but with a special focus on “Investing in the 4th Industrial Revolution in a Digital Economy.”

The forum will focus on innovation, investment, economic development and achieving sustainable development goals. The discussion at the forum will focus on developing countries, such as North Africa and the Middle East, and the opportunities and challenges that are present in these areas. 

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