1. What problem do you solve?

The difficulty of obtaining convenient and quality home maintenance service in Saudi.

2. Who are you competing with and what makes your solution better?

We are competing with local, untrained and legalized workforce in the streets and other similar apps. We are unique because we offer: User-friendly app, quality service and an amazing Customer Care Center, which we named "Customer Happiness Center". In addition, we are releasing an exclusive feature called "Instant Booking" in our next release, which will enable customer to instantly book the time of their service through the app.

3. What were the biggest hurdles you faced early on and how did you overcome them?

The biggest hurdle is to ensure only qualified SPs registering our app. And we have overcome this by developing careful training and verification process to ensure all our SPs meets our minimum quality standards.

4. What is your biggest barrier to future success?

We face hurdles in our everyday work; however, we have an amazing team of 9 members who strive to deliver the best. There is no barrier, that we can see, that we have not developed a careful plan to overcome at the moment. Our team is very optimistic of what B8ak can bring to the home maintenance market in KSA and GCC.

5. How do you plan to make money?

Our main revenue source is by a commission fee we take from our verified SPs from every job received via B8ak and completed by the SP.

6. What advice would you share with other start-ups?

Apps are just tools to the market. Before starting to develop on-demand based app, study the market carefully to ensure there is enough demand for your service. Traffic is very important in these kind of start-ups.

7. Did you discover and use an online tool that is a “must-have” for start-ups?

Yes. Trello for team tasks management and mixpanel for business data analysis. You cannot improve what you can measure. I also encourage startups to follow lean start-up methodology to be agile, and grow one step at a time. Do not overplan, just study the market then release fast and grow based on your customers' feedback.