Are you recruiting? We just made it easier to manage!

Check out our newly updated job application dashboard!

We made it easier for you to filtertrack and manage applications from top talent across the region!

Sort & filter job applications by application status and date.

View cover letter & CV
View the applicants’ message and download the cover letter and CV of the candidates from the dashboard.

Contact or Pass Candidates 
Contact candidates directly through the platform with your decision, whether it is to “Contact” them for an interview or to “Pass” on their application, with the option to send a personalised message.

Email call to action
All application submissions now have the Applicants name in the title and clear call to action button in the body of the email to view the cover letter and CV and to manage the application.

Changed your mind?
If you have changed your mind about an applicant, you can now contact them again to let them know and move on to the next steps.

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