Are you fundraising? 3 ways to identify potential investors and apply for funding!

A major pain point for entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is raising funds – this is a common piece of feedback we hear when attending conferences. There is an inherent mismatch between the availability of capital and the demand for it. As a result, it is difficult for startups to raise investment and grow as quickly as they would like.


A particular challenge – aside from raising capital itself – is how to identify the relevant investors at a startups particular stage of development. Should you be speaking to an angel investor? Or perhaps venture capital firm? And if so, which one? Even when you have identified them, they can be hard to get in touch with. This has resulted in fundraising being a long and time intensive process, requiring proper planning and perseverance along the way.


We have listened to you and look to support you in that journey. We now have multiple avenues to identify and connect with investors, making your life easier. Below you can find out how to in 3 different ways!


1. Identify the most active investors in the directory

Before even applying to investors, it is very important – aside from having a compelling story – that you identify the investors that are potentially interested in your startup. It is nothing personal, but some investors invest only in particular industries, countries, and funding stages. So, if you are a hospitality startup at the seed stage, it does not make much sense to apply to an investor that invests solely in FinTech startups at the Series A stage.


Aside from the most well-known names in the industry, it is difficult to figure out all the investors that are actively looking for startups to invest in. With our investor directory, you can identify the investors that have invested in MENA-based startups before. By looking at their previous investments, as well as their description and investment mandate, you can make a list of the investors that might be right for you.


Once you feel confident that you have identified them, you can connect and message them directly through the platform – simply click the ‘connect’ button and strike up a conversation!


2. Send angel investors a direct message

Similar to the investor directory, you can easily identify angel investors by filtering through the People Directory. Angel investors are experienced people that are often looking for early-stage startups, so if you are looking for some early capital to kick-start your startup, this might be your best option!


After identifying the angel investor that you are interested in, similar to the investment entities, you can connect with them directly through the platform. After the connection has been made, you can introduce yourself and your startup through the built-in message functionality. Some angel investors might even have experience to help you out!


3. Apply directly for funding

After using the investor directory to identify the investors that might be a good match for your startup, it becomes time to actually apply for funding. Don’t worry, the application process should be easy if you have done your research and completed your startup profile!


Through MAGNiTT’s application tool, you can apply directly to the largest and most active investors in the MENA region. Since you have already created a startup profile, the application process will be swift, too! Simply identify the investor that suits your stage and type of startup, and apply directly to them through the platform. Make sure that you have prepared everything beforehand, and take the time to answer each question thoroughly!


Some of the most responsive investors on MAGNiTT are:

- Dash Ventures

- DTEC Ventures

- otf Jasoor Ventures

- RAED Ventures

- Wa’ed Ventures


After submitting your application, investors will receive an email straight  to their inbox with the answers that you have provided. Accordingly, they will either accept your application to take the conversation forward, or pass on the opportunity for now.


These 3 ways help you, as an entrepreneur, identify and target the right investors, whether they are angels, angel groups, venture capital firms (VCs), or other investment entities. Good luck finding your future investors!


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