Anghami Bringing Global Technology to Audio Ads

By ArabNet Team/ ArabNet - Image Credit: ArabNet


SOURCE: ArabNet - Anghami Bringing Global Technology to Audio Ads


Being the first regional platform to lead the change through its dynamic creative audio ads, programmatic audio ads and research-enabled audio offerings, Anghami is introducing new innovative global technology into the region through ground-breaking tools that will revolutionize listeners’ experiences. The tools were launched at the company’s regional Audio Day conference yesterday, which was organized with the support of DMS.

The new technology will assist brands and creative agencies in connecting with consumers through real-time tailored messages based on weather, time of day, location, device and the music they’re listening to. The data communicated also allows consumers to provide their feedback and preferences, enabling marketers to constantly evolve their approach and ensure that their messaging is as relevant as possible while conveying a compelling story.

Since its launch, Anghami’s catalogue has expanded to over 26 million songs, and its user base is expected to reach 55 million by the end of this year. Anghami also generates 750 million streams per month with revenue growing at a rate of 250 per cent to 300 per cent a year and is forecast to exceed US$20 million this year.

Elie Abou Saleh, Commercial Director at Anghami said: “The dynamic creative technology can scale a personalized experience while allowing marketers to target listeners not only based on demographics but also psychographics. It can create thousands of versions of an audio ad easily and efficiently. Brands can record a script with multiple message variations, release ads in an automated way across devices, and measure impact based on the consumer’s context and other data.”

SOURCE: ArabNet - Anghami Bringing Global Technology to Audio Ads