Al Aan Premier shows inspiring start-up stories in newly launched TV show
By Broadcast Pro ME Staff / Broadcast Pro ME - Image Credit: Broadcast Pro ME

Al Aan Premier, the brand new division of Al Aan TV, was set up to focus solely on SMEs and startups in the Middle East. Now, not even a year after its launch, Al Aan Premier has announced its brand new show, Khatwa Jaree'a (a bold step), with the sponsorship of Sephora, The Cribb, and Turn8. 

The 10-minute documentary style show features the individuals behind the startups, and explores their entrepreneurial journey. Reine Abou Rjeily, presenter of the new show, will showcase more than 100 prominent startups in the region and walk us through the inspiration that led to each startup while discussing the experience, triumphs, failures, and challenges that the entrepreneurs faced.