Ajar Online signs partnership with Ahli United Bank to digitize real-estate payments

Kuwait, June 06, 2018: Ajar Online, a fintech startup based in Kuwait, has announced a promising new partnership with Ahli United Bank (AUB)  to enhance the growth of rent and property related payments to be made through digital channels.


The new service allows tenants to pay their rent  through new cash collection points found in any one of Ahli United Bank’s Kuwait branches. This comes as an added value beside Ajar Online’s platform that automates the rent payment process in a fast and secure method, through the mobile or personal computer.


Furthermore, Ajar Online’s  innovative real-estate solution  provides landlords, property managers, and real-estate companies with a free property management platform, where they can benefit from multiple tools such as real time reporting on collections, management of multiple tenants and units, as well as flexible and secure rent collection features. By providing a one stop solution for property management and rent collection, the platform facilitates data-driven decision making when it comes to evaluating leases and units, which essentially reduces costs and saves time.


Ajar Online and Ahli United Bank’s partnership was launched during a press conference, which was held on the 27th of May at the Four Seasons Hotel,  in the presence of Mr. Richard Groves the Bank’s CEO and Mr. Tareq Muhmood, Senior Deputy CEO, along with several of the Bank’s Executive Management, and Mr. Shaheen AlKhudhari, Founder and CEO of Ajar Online, and a number of valued customers.


The new service addresses a challenge that many landlords and tenants face when receiving and paying rent in a timely manner. Landlords often follow a very manual and time-consuming process to collect rent, which can cause delays and inaccuracies when monitoring collections, while tenants are often unsure of when the rent is due or what is outstanding, and sometimes fall victim to lost paper receipts.


AUB is considered one of the most reputable banks in the country, as well as one of the most active in the real-estate industry, making Ajar Online’s solution a perfect driver of the bank’s overarching strategy to leverage technology to provide improvements for their customers.


On this occasion, Shaheen Al Khudhari, CEO & Founder of Ajar Online, said “Our partnership with AUB brings us a step forward in digitizing the real-estate market by making Ajar Online the payment and property management platform for AUB’s real estate customers, and allowing us for the first time to accept cash payments through our platform via cash collection points across all AUB branches. With that, landlords can now acquire 100% of their rent collection online, making Ajar Online the first platform in the region to offer such a robust and complete real estate payment solution.”


Mr Richard Groves said, “The Bank’s partnership with Ajar Online is an exciting initiative that involves working with young entrepreneurial Kuwaitis, to address a real challenge faced by many landlords and tenants in Kuwait.   Property owners and managers will be able to collect their rental payments electronically, in a fast and secure way. This will also benefit tenants through a new, easy way to pay”.


Moreover, Groves commended the developers of the Ajar Online project, which brings Kuwait’s real estate market into the digital age. Ajar Online is a cloud platform that provides convenience to both tenants and property owners through digitized payment methods, and continues to seek creative ways in increasing the ease of electronic payments.


Today, Ajar Online operates in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, serving the GCC market. As the first rent collection platform in the MENA region, they enjoy a strong first-mover advantage giving them the ability to cover the region's real estate market.  Moving forward, the company plans to strengthen their presence by scaling their platform globally and its ability to serve landlords and tenants at any time and in any location.