Ajar Online Raises the Bar for Property Listing Platforms in the Region

Ajar Online’s property listing arm, Find Ajar, has raised the bar for property listing platforms in the region with the promise of a 100% tenant closing rate in just 60 days, and a track record of a 50% closing rate in just 3 weeks. 

Launched in the summer of 2019, Find Ajar has become the leading property listing platform in Kuwait. Find Ajar has been able to distinguish itself from competitors in the market through its simple user experience and dedication to listing high quality, spam-free units on its platform. 

Ajar has now gone a step further by guaranteeing tenants in just 60 days for companies and individuals who list their units exclusively on Find Ajar. Find Ajar clients can pick from a variety of packages that best suit their needs, and receive a dedicated closing manager handpicked from the company’s vast network of exclusive real estate experts, to guarantee a suitable tenant in record timing. 

Ajar’s move into property listing was a natural extension of the company’s leading property management and rent collection platform. Shaheen AlKhudhari, Founder & CEO of Ajar, said in a statement: “We have been working with both landlords and tenants for almost 4 years now. The insight we’ve gained over the years has allowed us to understand both stakeholders’ needs and grasp a significant share of the property listing market in a fraction of the time.” 

Find Ajar is currently only available in Kuwait, but as Ajar captures more of Dubai’s real estate market through its property management platform, an expansion into the UAE will come naturally.

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