Aion Digital Investing 1 Million USD on Young Bahraini Professionals


GCC’s leading FinTech, Aion Digital, is investing 1 million USD in a youth initiative; the Young FinTech Professionals Program. Aion was recently recognized as “one of the most exciting and innovative global FinTech startups” by FinTech Abu Dhabi. As regional first-movers, Aion is now developing national talent pools in financial technology and digital transformation.

In first phase, 10 dynamic Bahraini graduates are being offered full time employment with exposure to technology buildout labs, mentoring, and hands on client experience. Trainees will undergo professional placement across multiple business functions. The objective is to generate skilled and innovative Bahraini thought leaders to drive the digital shift within the GCC in the coming years.

The program is led by Fahad Kazim and Yasser Haji; two highly skilled Bahraini FinTech practitioners who have quickly built their reputation in the digital banking space. Aion is building this futuristic talent in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 and with support from Tamkeen.

The candidates are being selected from various professional and educational backgrounds, primarily in the fields of computer science, data science and digital marketing. The work environment at Aion ensure exposure to crucial FinTech areas such as digital identity, e-KYC, Big Data, AI & machine learning, personal financial management, P2P lending, and more.

The program will scale up to include 100 outstanding young graduates and train them in the digital banking space.

“We expect 70% of the existing banking skill set to be redundant within the next decade. At the same time, there is tremendous demand for futuristic skills in mobile, cloud, data and artificial intelligence. The aim of the Young Fintech Professional Program is to prepare GCC youths to be at the forefront of digital era.” said Osama Al Khajah, founding partner and board member at Aion.