AI to boost UAE’s GDP by $96 billion in 2030

By CPI Financial


SOURCE: CPI Financial - AI to boost UAE’s GDP by $96 billion in 2030

The UAE strategy for AI is set for nationwide transformation as it becomes mainstream.

UAE’s rapid adoption of AI solutions will increase the country’s GDP by $96 billion in 2030, enabling organisations to better meet and predict customer trends as well as drive digital business innovation.

Savitha Bhaskar, COO at Condo Protego, said banks can analyse credit and loan repayments, hospitals can predict patient treatment success, and government agencies can enhance mega-events management.

AI solutions can enable new innovations that can augment the existing workforce, optimising costs as well as efficiency and innovation.

The massive computing power needed for AI and machine learning also means that organisations need to invest in high-performance information management infrastructure, added Bhaskar.