AI and Human Interaction

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In her Harvard course, Dr. Sahar Hashmi taught the techniques and marketing strategies that are used in the recent advanced AI  apps created by the big tech giants, over zoom as the pandemic forced worldwide travel restrictions and quarantines. 

The big tech giants design product marketing strategies based on product reviews and sentiments on various products via social media. For example, an AI algorithm might suggest that if a product is viewed by customers as “loved” or  “wanted” or “liked’ then such a product will be on sale, as the next marketing move, in the online-marketing strategy space. She also touched upon how to determine if an  AI app will be a potential success or a  possible failure in the future.  “I  learned a lot as an entrepreneur about the possible vulnerabilities in the AI apps through [Dr. Sahar’s] class. It was an eye-opener for me.” - Nadine Njeim, Entrepreneur and Masters Student. 

Even though the topic of AI is always focused on Tech evolution and software development, Dr. Sahar’s takeaway for MAGNiTT was on the importance of being human:


Coming up with creative interactive discussions and innovative engagement techniques for students and clients are the key components for such platforms. We should not solely rely on artificial intelligence to define our day-to-day lives and then subconsciously limit ourselves from human interactions. 

“I recently completed a course taught by Dr.Sahar Hashmi, I felt the  “Harvard on campus” experience on zoom when I took her class - her regular check-ins, interactive  AI - Jamboard exercises, and AI concepts sci-fi role play made the class alive on zoom… I know for a  fact that all students enjoyed her class tremendously and looked forward to it every week.”  - Harvard graduate student, Jeffery Shen

Big tech giants and third-party vendors are now building specialized service chatbots using artificial intelligence algorithms that include ‘mental-health chatbots’ which might eventually take on the role of psychological support in the future. Similarly, the role of telemarketing agents might get replaced with virtual agents along with many other human roles in almost every field of life. Some of this we see already happening within a tech giant; ‘Amazon’, thus further explains the limitations of human-to-human interactions.

About Dr. Sahar Hashmi 
Dr. Sahar Hashmi is an MD, Ph.D., with a  Masters in Systems Design and Management (SDM) and a Ph.D. in  Healthcare Systems Management from the Business School and IDSS of Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT). Dr. Sahar Hashmi is a recipient of  numerous leadership awards from MIT and the Global Technology Counsel in the USA. She taught the course as a faculty at  Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.

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