Ahli launches the first Jordanian instant “bank account–opening service”

Today, Jordan Ahli Bank announced launching the instant “Bank Account–Opening” service for the first time in the Jordanian market, allowing new and existing clients to open bank accounts immediately and electronically. Through this service, Ahli provides its clients with all banking services without any exception and without the need to ever visit any of the bank’s branches unless they want to.

Ahli was able to provide this service by being the first bank to join the artificial intelligence and blockchain-based eKYC-as-a-service platform “Meen.World”, which has become available today in Jordan, and also offers the public the ability to create their digital identity through “AnaMeen” application.

“Meen.World” is a service incubated by Ahli Fintech’s accelerator and developed by Jordanian talents and minds and in partnership with Microsoft and Oracle. “Meen.World” allows its partner institutions; especially the financial ones, such as banks, to identify and verify the identity of their clients electronically through a Meen.World partner portal that is personalized to each institution. Those “Meen.World” partner portals allow partners to access clients’ “AnaMeen” digital identity after the client provides consent to obtain access to their data, by electronically authorizing this access via the “AnaMeen” application – which is currently available for free download on both Apple store and Google Play Store – and without any human intervention.

Commenting on this achievement, Mohamed Moussa, CEO of Jordan Ahli Bank, stated: “The “AnaMeen” application provides an opportunity for Jordanian individuals to create a digital “AnaMeen” identity by filling out their personal information and uploading a scan of their personal identity, and proof of residence. A verification video call is initiated where the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality is leveraged – and in a fraction of a second – to conduct hundreds of complex operations to detect, match and verify the identity of the “AnaMeen” account holder. The process also detects attempts to counterfeit and/or provide tampered or fake documents along with matching the client’s face on video with the official picture available on the identity card, along with matching the uploaded signature with the signature captured on video.” He also added: “With the successful identity verification and completion of the video call, the client’s “AnaMeen” digital ID is created on a special blockchain-based platform making it immutable and secure. Allowing the data of this digital identity to become available at the “Meen.World” partner portals, only after the “AnaMeen” ID holder authorizes access to each institution separately to obtain data access.”

Saad Mouasher, Chairman of Ahli Bank, said: “We launched this eKYC-as-a-service aiming to support achieving financial inclusion for all Jordanians, and to remove the friction in the current KYC and onboarding process challenges faced by all banks and financial institutions, allowing for an enhanced and secure customer experience.” He also added: “By leveraging fourth industrial revolution technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain, “Meen.World” is able to provide organizations with a better, substantially more trusted and more secure KYC process compared to the human dependent KYC process currently in place. The “AnaMeen” application eliminates the need for clients to repeat the KYC identity verification and data cleansing processes required in all their relationships with every institution requiring KYC.”

This is considered the next step in Jordan Ahli Bank’s journey in adopting innovation and fintech as one of the bank’s main strategic pillars aiming to improve and enhance the customer experience. This comes, after Ahli Bank was the first to launch the digital onboarding service in the Jordanian market and used it to onboard thousands of new clients of the bank – with initial accounts requiring the clients physical presence only to sign to become active accounts- since its launch more than 16 months ago.