A stairway to data: Who raised funds and how you can too!

MAGNiTT's Funding Rounds tool provides full transparency and clarity of investments in the region. This is your go-to source for accessing a dynamic list of over 4,800 funding rounds. If you're curious to know who raised the most funds in a specific industry, what the top investment in a certain year was, or the startup who received the most funds in your HQ country, you can use our filters to get answers to your questions with a click of a few buttons, in just a few seconds. 

As per MAGNiTT’s mantra: Passion provides purpose, but data drives decisions.


Explore Funding Rounds for visibility on investments in your industry and country: 

1. Pick your perfect investor: The funding rounds tool provides an insight into potential investors portfolio companies, as well as the different rounds and industries they have funded, which will then allow you to understand their priorities and pick the perfect fit for your own startup. Cut down on the time-consuming task by allowing us to conduct the research for you.

2. Discover your next startup: This tool isn't simply for startups. As an investor, we can help you to view top-funded startups, so you can cherry-pick the most compatible and profitable companies for your portfolio. Perhaps you're looking to shift your focus from more established startups to Seed/growth stages? We can help you uncover this information and bring your next startup on board. 

3. Compare funding rounds for research purposes: Review ticket sizes over a certain timeframe to get an understanding of the average ticket sizes for your sector, or compare who received the most funding in a particular sector in one country vs. another (e.g. UAE-based Fintech vs. KSA-based E-commerce). Access this and much more to fulfill all of your funding questions, needs, and goals, driven by data.

4. Prepare to apply for funding: Now that you’re equipped with the data, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to apply to over 85+ investors on the MAGNiTT platform.

Watch a video tutorial on the Funding Rounds tool below to learn more about how we can help you:


Pakistani startups saw $18M invested in H1 2020, with the overall number of deals increasing by 13% to 17 deals from H1 2019, illustrating the potential of Pakistan to become the next big South Asian entrepreneurial hotspot. Discover more trends in our H1 2020 Pakistan Venture Investment Report.