A stairway to data: Target new customers, track your competitors

MAGNiTT’s Startup Directory and Investor Directory tool are both as simple as the names state - directories filled with over 15,000 startups and 2,500 investors from across the globe, not limited to the MENA region. You can view data based on their industry focus, previous funding rounds, country of HQ, development stage, and more.

As per MAGNiTT’s mantra: Passion provides purpose, but data drives decisions.

Access the Startup Directory to resolve your problems:

1. Track competitors: Discover your competitors at the quick click of a button using our filters (e.g. UAE-based Fintech) and leave the very time-consuming job of sifting through pages of Google or scrolling through social media behind. 

2. Build business development pipelines: We provide you with transparency by listing all of the vital information about a startup to help you connect to the right decision-maker.

3. Analyse the investment landscape for specific industries: Narrow down startups by industries and find out who invested in them to gain more of an understanding of which investor you can reach out to for your own startup. 

4. Discover the total amount of funding each startup has raised: Sort your search by total funding to review what startups in which industries/countries have the highest amount of capital raised. 

Watch video tutorials on the Startup Directory to understand the problems it can help you overcome:


The Investor Directory will break down barriers and build bridges: 

1. Carry out due diligence: Filter by the investors HQ and stage focus (e.g. Egypt-based Seed-focused) to create your ideal list of investors and deep-dive into their portfolio companies. It’s quick and easy to search for information on multiple investors without having to sift through several websites and social media accounts. 

2. Discover the number of investments each investor has made: Curious to know who invests in the most startups? We list the total investments each investor has made, which will allow you to understand who the most active investors are.

3. Explore what startups each investor has invested in: This will help you to gain insight into which investor is best suited to you and your vision, and who you can reach out to for your own startup.     

4. Prepare you to apply for funding: Now that you’re equipped with the data, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to apply to over 85+ investors on the MAGNiTT platform.

Check out a step-by-step tutorial on the Investor Directory:


Pakistani startups saw $18M invested in H1 2020, with the overall number of deals increasing by 13% to 17 deals from H1 2019, illustrating the potential of Pakistan to become the next big South Asian entrepreneurial hotspot. Discover more trends in our H1 2020 Pakistan Venture Investment Report.