A stairway to data: Driven by research with a personal touch

MAGNiTT's Research Reports provide a deep analytical understanding of the startup ecosystem in MENA and emerging markets. We publish 3 reports each month - Venture, Industry, and Country-focused. Looking for trends and personal insights in the E-commerce or Fintech space? Perhaps you need an overview of the previous month's funding activity? MAGNiTT's got all the answers and more. 

As per MAGNiTT’s mantra: Passion provides purpose, but data drives decisions.


Download Research Reports and support your assumptions with reliable data:

1. Track historical trends: We summarise investment activity, investor behaviour, and startup trends by the numbers within a certain timeframe, so you don't have to worry about spending hours searching high and low to curate such insights. Understand if the startup ecosystem within a region or industry has shifted over time for better or worse.

2. Compare countries: Benchmark how countries rank against each other by the number of deals and funding (e.g. Pakistan vs. top-performing MENA countries), to become more aware of the regions that you should be targetting for your business goals. 

3. Review the top-funded startups and most active investors: Deep-dive into comprehensive tables of the highest funded startups and most active investors within each report. As a startup or investor looking for solid data, this will provide clarity into your industry, stage, or country for your own funding and venture capital purposes. 

4. Receive expert advice: Access research with a personal touch of comprehensive opinions and analysis on the state of affairs of the startup ecosystem. 

Watch the tutorial below which captures how you can use our Research Reports to your advantage. 


Pakistani startups saw $18M invested in H1 2020, with the overall number of deals increasing by 13% to 17 deals from H1 2019, illustrating the potential of Pakistan to become the next big South Asian entrepreneurial hotspot. Discover more trends in our H1 2020 Pakistan Venture Investment Report.