A.R.M. Holding Pledges Annual Fund to Support Start-ups Through the Global Grad Show

- A.R.M. Holding is a key supporter of Art Dubai Group’s Global Grad Show and has established a fund to support start-ups

- A 1 million AED annual fund will support student start-ups focused on creating a positive social impact as part of the Global Grad Show

- The show is taking place during Dubai Design Week from 12-16 November 2019

The Dubai-based conglomerate, A.R.M. Holding, with investments in a variety of sectors including real estate, education, and telecommunications, announced that it has established a 10 million AED 10-year fund to support start-ups that are conceptualised by graduate talent from around the world. Through the highly anticipated Global Grad Show, A.R.M. Holding is announcing this initiative in line with the Emirate’s vision to elevate the level of talent flowing into the country and region.

One of the most inspirational initiatives conceived and operated by Art Dubai Group, the Global Grad Show has become synonymous with youth innovation and social impact on a significant scale. Commenting on A.R.M. Holding’s involvement, CEO Mohammad AlShehhi said: “This initiative and A.R.M. Holding’s involvement are indicative of the type of economic and social enablement that drives our business and investment strategy. Through the fund, priority will be given to students who want to bring their inventions to life in the Emirate.”

He added: “The Global Grad Show team will maintain a role to support the projects creation by ensuring that concepts and ideas find the ideal development platform and expertise in Dubai. We are very excited to be a part of this highly anticipated event and are delighted to extend this fund in support of the show and the students that are participating.” 

Benedict Floyd, CEO of Art Dubai Group, said: “Since 2015, Global Grad Show has given over 700 graduates around the world the opportunity to showcase their projects to an international audience and be seen by tens of thousands of people at the exhibition. This new generous commitment of A.R.M. Holding is a significant development for the programme as it will now enable participants to develop their projects for the market. We are indebted to A.R.M. Holding for supporting this new route, which cements the exhibition as a platform for early-stage innovation for a better tomorrow.”

A.R.M. Holding has been investing in the region since 1976 under its real estate arm, Dubai Real Estate Centre. The company is establishing its presence as a multi-focused economic enabler creating synergies and opportunities through local, regional and global investments with the aim to enrich communities and help individuals to thrive. The support of the Global Grad Show is demonstrative of its strategic direction and investment ethos. The Global Grad Show is one initiative of several under the Art Dubai Group umbrella that A.R.M. Holding is championing, in addition to other educational and community-oriented programmes developed independently by the company.