North Base Media invests in Majarra

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Global digital media investor North Base Media (NBM) announced their most recent investment in Abu Dhabi-based Arabic content platform Majarra, alongside strategic investors in the GCC. 

Founded in 2004, Majarra offers a network of reliable, high-quality online content providers in Arabic, available through a single subscription. Through their integrated platform, Majarra offers readers access to a consolidated array of Arabic content including Harvard Business Review Arabia, MIT Technology Review Arabia, Fortune, and Popular Science.


In a joint announcement on March 2021, Majarra’s chairman Abdulsalam Haykal together with CEO Ammar Haykal laid out the company’s approach. “We have a vision of a better, more useful, and more engaging Arabic web. We hope that Majarra will become a catalyst to unlocking the Arabic web, ushering in a new dawn for an industry that is crucial to progress in our region.”

Majarra, formerly Haykal Media, announced earlier this year a plan to offer a single-subscription sign-on to a network of highly credible and diverse content platforms in Arabic in an effort to provide quality content for an Arabic reading audience. This new investment will shape a power partnership between Majarra and NBM as Marcus Brauchli, NBM’s managing partner highlights “We’re really thrilled to partner with Majarra,” said Brauchli, the former top editor of both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, who will be joining Majarra’s board of directors. “We look for partners that combine content and technology to unlock the power of the internet in high growth markets. Majarra combines a bold business vision, a solid track record, and a strategic approach to addressing the demand for quality Arabic-language content.”

The newly acquired funds will help Majarra further develop its platform and grow its content to reach new audiences and markets. Abdulsalam Haykal, Majarra’s executive chairman concludes “We’re delighted to have a high quality and specialized investor like North Base Media as a believer in our vision for a new business model that addresses the massive inefficiency of Arabic online content. NBM’s global perspective and unique insight into the industry strengthens our commitment to deliver the best content and user-experience for the Arabic-speaking internet users in the region and around the world.”

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