8 tips on how to develop useful apps

By Khaleej Times Staff / Khaleej Times


SOURCE: Khaleej Times - 8 tips on how to develop useful apps

App developers are becoming the leaders of the online world with new creative solutions and innovations being released for everyone to enjoy. In the Middle East, the developer community is slowly but surely growing with new faces emerging every day. From logistic service apps such as Fetchr, to online shopping like Designer 24, or even gaming like Falcon Valley, these apps have come to add value and entertainment to our lives.
To encourage more people to get into this field, some of the local app developers in the region have shared their insight to the app development process. They have shared their top tips to building a successful app, some of the challenges they faced and the marketing tools necessary.
Emirati game designer and founder of Hybrid Humans Game Studio Fakhra Al Mansoori shares her top three tips to developing an app.
Be passionate and be willing to fail: Make sure you're doing something you're truly interested and invested in, and mostly, good at. More importantly, keep in mind that you might fail on the first go, but you need to learn from every mistake to create a successful app. 
"Think of it this way," says Al Mansoori, "if you don't try, there's no opportunity to succeed. Failure at anything is honestly a learning lesson to improve on the next decision you will make."
Understand the platform you are developing your application on: If you understand the capabilities of the operating system you're using, you are better-equipped to take right decisions.


Source: khaleejtimes.com