5 reasons why you should work for a recently funded startup

The MENA startup ecosystem is on a roll. Looking at a year to date (YTD) comparison there has been a 35% increase in dollar amount invested year over year. Due to a serious of investment announcements made in the first four months it is fair to say that 2019 is shaping up nicely for the MENA region and Ramadan has not stopped startups from getting further interest from investors. In May 2019, we saw $35M invested in 13 deals. Most notably, Mawdoo3 raised an additional $10M as part of their series B, which was the largest investment in the month.

With all the money that goes into the startup ecosystem, chances are you, as a startup job seeker rightly want a piece of that cake too

It’s no secret working for startups is one of the richest work experiences anyone can get as it generally allows you to be part of of a young dynamic and hungry group of creative folks while being exposed to multiple parts of the business. With all the notorious startup success stories we’ve all heard around the globe, no wonder more people want to quit large corporations and jump the startup bandwagon. Even better, imagine the things you could do if you were working for a startup that recently received a large amount of investment.

From enticing company shares to incredible social opportunities, we share with you the 5 reasons why you must join a funded startup. Whether you're entering the job market or making a career change, tune in!

Increase chances of getting hired

Freshly funded startup will be looking for ways to expand and grow their team. Whether you are a fresh graduate looking for a place to start off, or an experienced candidate ready for a shift in career you should be able to understand that the best way to increase chances of getting hired by a startup is applying right when they receive an investment. You can stay up-to-date on the latest funding and never miss out on a job opportunity by subscribing to our Newsletter. https://magnitt.com/newsletters

Room for innovation 

When a startup gets an investment, chances are high they might be adding a new product or diversifying their excisting services. How exciting it is to be able to express your creativity in supporting new plans of your company . Being in a startup is also a synonym of playing an active role no matter what your actual title says. The opportunity to add value and share your innovative ideas to improve a product you already love is very enticing. Solfeh has recently announced that they are looking for a Strategy Analyst to join their team in Jordan. Don’t wait any further and share your CV with them.

Be one of the cool kids

That is it. You are now working for a startup whose name is already out there from all the media coverage it got after its funding. Working for a top dog is appealing to almost anyone. With your startup getting more eyeballs, your own professional profile be it on social media or while networking with industry peers, gets the same amount of love. Although this may appear like a vanity benefit you will certainly see a shift in the connections you make online or in real life and as a result, open the door to more project opportunities than in the past. This will not only put you in a better position in the workplace but also act as an endless cycle – the more recognition, the more connections, the more projects and success. Are you a marketing expert? Apply to the new exciting role of Growth Marketing Manager posted by 9to5.ai. They are looking for a shining candidate based out of their office in Qatar.

Be equipped with the best tools

With more cashflow startup might want to improve their toolkit. Whether it is an upgraded CRM software to improve customer retention and increase sales, or a marketing automation software to reduce and enhance your team’s workload or even a brand new tech stack, you are certainly in for a treat. This might be your chance to engage with tools you have always dreamt to work with. This will not only positively affect the results of your campaigns or projects but also improve the overall business KPIs. If you thought that all startups are bootstrapping, choosing to work for a startup which got recent investment will prove you most probably wrong. Don’t miss out on the new role of a Growth Hacker at AlgoDriven. Sign up to MAGNiTT for free and share your details with the employer. You can even send them a short introduction line via our messaging platform to capture their attention.

Work hard. Play even harder 

A lot of job seekers raise eyebrows when they read job descriptions that say “casual, fun office environment, rapid advancement” – as if it was an element of surprise. Almost everyone expects to be working in a cool environment with friendly colleagues and room for growth. However, working for a recently funded startup is usually a whole ballgame. Many startups use the investment to improve employee satisfaction as we know is a key factor in the success of the business. More company outings, social events, new activities as well as office refurbishments we have seen it all. Startups often share the spirit of their brand through exterior aspects and we can all name at least a few startups with a funky workspace that displays many fun games or relaxation areas for its employees. Who would say no to a game of pool between two meetings? Apply to a startup today: ACHIMAR is looking for a Rockstar Business Developer Consultant based in Egypt.

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