5 Lebanese youth startups compete to win $250K prize money

In 2009, Ahmad Ashkar founded the Hult Prize Foundation to help the youth generate startup ideas that will solve the world’s most critical social challenges. The Hult Prize is recognized among the most innovative companies by FastCo and believes that it is essential to empower youngsters in this competitive world so they can use their skills in a progressive manner.

Hult is providing an opportunity for the five Lebanese youth startups to participate in the International 2019 Hult Prize Challenge in New York, where the winner bags $1 million.

The competition is held for the second time in Lebanon after its launch earlier this year. The final round will be conducted during the festival of Changemaker and startups will be competing not only to participate in the Hult Prize Challenge but also to win a prize of $250,000.

The five finalists competing against each other are:



This startup intends to help farmers attain high profit rates. It can be done by turning under-utilized agricultural resources into value-added products and license their recipes as well.



As the name suggests this startup aims to save the bees around the world by enabling people to produce and sell their own honey. With small investments, beekeepers are providing DIY hi-tech beekeeping kits.



Enabling professionals to make some cash by providing fast assistance 24/7, Counselha is serving as an affordable platform. It anonymously connects customers in need to experienced professionals online.



This environment friendly app is registering paid drivers to pick up recyclables and transport them to Roly’s own material recovery facilities. Users can request pick-up for their material by in-network driver.



This service allows customers to book the van shop online and it will show up with clothes designed by experts. It gives customers an experience of both traditional and online shopping forms.


These five teams will be judged based on their ability to develop an idea that could create a sustainable change.


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