5 Leadership Takeaways From Successful Entrepreneurs In The Middle East

By Tasnim Nazeer/ Forbes Middle East - Image Credit: Shutterstock


SOURCE: Forbes Middle East - 5 Leadership Takeaways From Successful Entrepreneurs In The Middle East

There are unprecedented opportunities to create a successful business, however, one of the most invaluable characteristics to gain success in business is to be an exemplary leader.

The Middle East is a hub of creativity, innovation and opportunities for both home grown entrepreneurs and those further afield, looking to tap into launching their companies in a lucrative environment.

There are a number of leading entrepreneurs, who are paving the way forward with their businesses and start-ups and leading the way for the future generation.

We present you five key leadership tips inspired by leading entrepreneurs in the Middle East for you to take away and implement today.

Be a visionary in leading the way

CEO and Founder of Souq.com, Ronaldo Mouchawar, had a vision for his lucrative auction site that was started 10 years ago and spurred to success, being one of the largest e-commerce sites in the Arab world.

Souq.com is known as the ‘Amazon of the Middle East’ (now acquired by Amazon) but this would not have been possible without Ronaldo’s clear vision to take the business forward as a retail site and market place for third party sellers.

You need to have clarity with what you envision to pursue the growth of any business and this will form the basis of motivating you to reach your goals.

Pioneer in prospering the wider society

Founder and board member of Glowork, Khalid Al Khudair, sought to pioneer and offer opportunities for women to join employment in Saudi Arabia and further contribute by using their talents and expertise in the wider society.

Glowork has connected over 1.2 million Saudi women with jobs that match their experience and further contributes positively to enhance diversity in the workplace.

Make strategic investments

Co-founders of Careem, Magnus Olsson and Mudassar Sheikha strategically expanded the innovative chauffeur service in 14 cities across the Middle East with their most recent investment of $10 million in expanding into Morocco.

Great leaders have made decisive and well thought-out investments to further diversify their product offerings and this has been successful in widening their consumer base and in enabling the business to grow.

Be innovative in your product offerings

CEO and Chairman of W Motors, Ralph R Debbas, founded the Arab world’s first luxury sports cars in Lebanon back in 2012 and has been manufacturing cars in the UAE after he moved to Dubai.

Debbas has shown that innovating and creating new product offerings such as his upcoming second model of luxury cars, will further gain recognition and set the way to spearhead the industry in your chosen niche market.

All great leaders are creative in innovating and this attracts a wider client base not only in the Middle East but around the world.

Aim to accelerate growth

Founder and CEO of Nabbesh.com ,Loulou Khazen Baz won the 2012 series of The Entrepreneur and went on to grow her business to 40,000 people in 130 countries around the world.

Khazen Baz’s ambition to grow her business has seen her into the second stage of development securing over $100,000 in funding.

If you have the motivation to grow your business you can acquire new heights in development.

Exemplary leadership can be detrimental to your success which is why it is imperative to take lessons from those who have honed their businesses and have lead the way forward.

SOURCE: Forbes Middle East - 5 Leadership Takeaways From Successful Entrepreneurs In The Middle East