$1Million Dollar Investment through the business accelerator TRIBE Labs

Founder of "TRIBE Labs", Abdulrahman Alrashidi announced a "One Million US dollar investment to accelerate promising startups" in the opening ceremony of a new incubator and business accelerator in Kuwait. The ceremony had a great turnout with the presence of Mr. Khaled Al-Roudan, the Minister of Trade and Industry, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

In the event that took place in TRIBE Building, Ahmed Aljaber in the capital, The Minister Khaled Al-Roudan said that "The Ministry succeeded previously to resolve some important challenges for SME owners, showing the importance of incubators and business accelerators in enhancing the ecosystem in Kuwait. The Minister Al-Roudan stated also that after four years, the Ministry has more than 1000 micro business licenses, 3600 truck business licenses, and1300 startups funded by the National Fund of Kuwait.  

Founder & CEO of TRIBE Labs, Abdulrahman Alrashidi stated to allocate a one million dollar as an investment to accelerate promising startups. The investment will be made after the startups present their business ideas and growth’s strategy to the investment committee on January 2020. The acceleration program will be a supportive vehicle to all accepted businesses with mentorship program, professional workshops, and detailed execution plan. All accelerated businesses will be present at the Demo Day which is expected to be in April 2020.

Mr. Alrashidi thanked all partners, mentors, and officials for making such program a reality.

Interested in applying for the TRIBE Labs? You can apply by following the link here: https://magnitt.com/application/investors/50865/need-help-with-your-startups