1864 Accelerator and Seedspace Partner to Bring Global FinTech Week to Cairo

Seedspace Global FinTech Week is coming to Cairo on October 26th to Flat6Labs to facilitate a meaningful discussion around FinTech, banking, and mobile trends, locally and regionally. The Global FinTech Week event is hosted by Seedspace and 1864 FinTech Accelerator, powered by Flat6Labs in partnership with Barclays Bank Egypt.

The event will culminate with pitches from startups from the 1864 FinTech Accelerator batch to showcase the progress of their FinTech ideas. The event will gather experts, entrepreneurs and FinTech enthusiasts at Flat6Labs Cairo office to network, share expertise and ideas.

The Global FinTech event has been initiated to address the implications of FinTech and the proliferation of technology startups targeting a broad range of financial services from insurance and loans to payments and mobile banking. The event will foster an engaging dialogue to address the scope of the disruption globally and in Egypt and the opportunities and challenges ahead for entrepreneurs.

There has been staggering disruption and investment in the last decade; Fortune magazine notes that $19 billion dollars was investing in finance startups in 2015, almost 1000% more than in 2010. Money and talent is flocking to the FinTech sector both globally and in the MENA region. The event aspires to construct a meaningful conversation around this momentous shift.

The event will take place at Flat6Labs and feature a panel discussion with high-level experts including Sherif Elbehery, Retail & Business Banking Director at Barclays Bank Egypt, Josselin Vaillant, VAS Director at Myriad Group, and Michael Weber, Co-founder of Seedstars.

Source : ArabNet