StartersHub invests $150,000 in Udentify

Udentify is an AI-powered business intelligence solution that creates solutions for in-door human tracking, based in Turkey.

Udentify, which examines the shopping behavior of customers by using computer vision technology through in-store cameras, allows managers to better recognize their stores and their customers through in-depth data analysis.

In short, Udentify provides a service similar to the service provided by Google Analytics in the traditional retail sector. In addition, supports businesses with store-specific recommendations with Artificial Intelligence technology.

Udentify, founded in 2017, now serves more than 20 retail chains having more than 117 stores in 10 countries such as Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates, including the big brands; Virgin, MediaMarkt, Fred Perry, Lifecell, Diesel, Adel, Vatan Computer and Watsons. In one year, the number of cameras increased by 500%.

Can Dortkardesler, co-founder and CEO of Udentify, said that with the investment that Udentify received from StartersHub, they will penetrate into the European market, especially Germany and the UK. He also stated that they will fully develop their services for the customer relations and R&D department with the investment. Udentify also got accepted to the Plug & Play Retail Tech program in Germany.

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