15 Sudanese Startups Shortlisted For Haggar Ventures Acceleration Program | Powered By 249 Startups

We are very delighted to receive this huge number of applications to the program.The selection process has been a long journey of multiple filtration and interviews.Finally,the selection process has come to an end !

  • Haggar Ventures Acceleration Program is a 3 months accelerator program (Powered by 249 Startups ) that aims at helping building entrepreneurial skills and capabilities of entrepreneurs supporting them in starting and growing their businesses after having gained the required knowledge and potential seed funding.

  • 249startups is a platform that aims to support the Sudanese entrepreneurship ecosystem by empowering and educating entrepreneurs.

  • Below is the 15 shortlisted startups (without specific order) that will attend a 5 days BootCamp that will took place between 13th -17th September 2018 and a final stage selection for the startups that will start the 3-months acceleration program on the 1st of October.

  1. 3lyna | Grocery Delivery
    3lyna is an on-demand online grocery delivery. Through partnership with key supermarkets in the great Khartoum area, they offer access to major Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands delivered to the comfort of customers home. Their end goal is to challenge how people think about online grocery delivery and help add value through saving them time and money.

  2. Rentx | Transportation
    Rentx is on-demand renting car services that want to improve mobility in Sudan and optimize the use of existing resources by offering a better alternative to car ownership. They are dedicated to changing the way Sudanese experiences cars; using mobile software, by inventing a new form of responsible mobility, based on exchange, and rethinks the relationship to the car by privileging its use to its property.

  3. Foody | Food Delivery

    The current economic issues in Sudan has left a very high rate of unemployment between the millennial generation. Driven by a vision of fighting this high rate and contributing to its reduction, the Foody team has developed a Food delivery service application to be ran in Khartoum Sudan and help increase the income of individuals.

  4. Tazkerati | Transportation
    Tzkarati is an integrated booking system for travel tickets. It is the first of its kind in Sudan. It includes bus train and air tickets. The system provides services to individuals and corporate, followed by ways and solutions for providing convenience to the customer. The system contains mobile application and agent’s system, supported by multiple payment solutions for organizations and individuals through multiple electronic payment methods.

  5. Nayla Prosthetics | Bio-Tech
    Nayla works on the inclusion of amputees in the societies of developing countries by producing affordable and high quality prosthetic limbs.They are aiming to solve the inaccessibility to prosthetics in developing countries and Sudan specifically by providing affordable and high quality prosthetic limbs.

  6. Dopa | Health-Tech
    Dopa platform is a fine-tuned communication tool that designed especially for pharmaceutical supply chain (companies, salesmen and pharmacies) that releases the communication pain for pharmacist, maximize the salesman capacity and strengthen the monitoring for the company.

  7. Care | Health-Tech
    it is health tech marketing platform that connects patients with register ,doctors and pharmasy to follow on reservations for appointments in addition to provide doctors with tools to increase their services through reviews .

  8. Sahla | Services

    Easy-to-use application for maintenance services, Easy to provide maintenance services to community members from home owners and institutions where it connect them with professional service providers through the application or through the customer service center.


  9. Dreen House | Agriculture

    Agritech that helps in controling systems within the land (protected houses,lands) through a completed control systems and IoT devices , that improves the productivity .

  10. Zemam | Environment

    it is a platform that  connects the owners of houses, factories and restaurants … It consists of four services (waste transportation service, gas delivery, cargo transportation and maintenance) & further recycling services for the waste .


  11. I Beakon | Advertisement

    it is a Marketing company that uses free promotional Bluetooth pic messages. Through various fixed and mobile iBeacon pro’s points  positioned in prime locations. All sending free Bluetooth messages, enabling the end users to receive free promo messages plus health alerts & guidelines within airports , hospitals, stadiums etc .

  12. Eventi | Events

    it is a platform that enables customers to follow the most important events (conferences, workshops, training courses and other events) according to your field of specialization in addition to make bookings & reservations.


  13. Maglag.com | Constructions

    is an online platform that specializes in purchasing building materials and construction through a website to facilitate the journey of purchase. “The idea came from the market gap started from price instability, uneven product prices, uneven quality and difficulty in finding some products, making the purchase of building materials a waste of time, effort and money.


  14. Intelligent Analytics | Data

    Intelligent Analytics is a statistical consultancy and training agency that aims to raise individuals and organizations knowledge about the power of statistics, this will lead to general improvement and strengthen of researches quality and aid design making in organizations.

  15. Trabalkm | Agriculture

    “Trabalkm Agricultural Services – Sudan’s First Agricultural Network” is a Online AgriTech platform  ,a center for communications and SMS to connect the parties of agricultural and livestock production operations to utalize the resources of the agricultural sector, human and materials.