15 Female Participants of the 2019 Summer Camp Invited to Visit Khalifa Fund’s Headquarters

The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development recently organized a summer camp from July 21 to 25 this year at the Institute of Applied Technology in Abu Dhabi with the collaboration of Etisalat Academy. The camp aimed to empower young female entrepreneurs by developing their rhetorical and practical skills through productive workshops and scientific methodology. The girls were given opportunities to deconstruct their ideas into projects and develop a virtual simulation with help of a profound introduction to entrepreneurship’s principles.

Mouza Al Nasri CEO of KFED said in a statement, “Our summer camps target young people anchored on our belief that we should listen to the ideas of the young generation and encourage them to enter the world of entrepreneurship and freelancing, set up their own creative businesses, engage in innovative projects relevant to the national development process. Our invitation to the young participants was part of our goal to boost their future economic contribution in a bid to enhance the UAE’s position in the global business community.

We aim to develop their skills, encourage their ideas and help them turn these ideas into a reality in the future. We also hope to give them practical support in terms of their career ambitions. We believe in the importance of training them to become entrepreneurs of the future. We welcome the ideas they presented during the summer camp, which reflect their ability to implement successful projects aimed at contributing to the progress of our economy and society.”

The 15 participants of the summer camp were later welcomed at Khalifa Fund’s Headquarters. This visit aimed to enlighten the officials of the fund regarding the progression of the girls’ projects at the Summer Camp. The department heads accompanied young visitors to analyze activities and services held there. In an interactive session, the girls shared their plans for their future endeavors as well as their experiences at the camp. They shared how valuable the learning experience was for each of them which motivated them to pursue their dreams and turn them into reality.

This tour served as an opportunity for young women to clear their doubts regarding entrepreneurship and raise more questions related to their field to get a better grasp on the ideas that could lead them to success.

The Khalifa Fund has shown that it is motivated to shape UAE’s future by nurturing the ideas and creativity of the younger generation who is going to lead the future of the country. It believes that raising awareness regarding entrepreneurship could be a significant to boost socio-economical development of UAE.