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Increase awareness and drive traffic to your business' activities by leveraging our 52,000+ social media followers
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Gain exposure with a newsletter heading or featured post in our weekly newsletter
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Reach investors directly by sponsoring MAGNiTT's funding announcements
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Improve your visibility to MAGNiTT's entire entrepreneurial following with a direct mailer
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Sponsor MAGNiTT's monthly analytics reports or create a co-branded bespoke report
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Get your initiative in front of the people who matter by targeting our curated audience of the MENA startup ecosystem

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Reach your target audience


Increase awareness and boost event attendance by driving entrepreneurs and investors to your content


Promote your demo day and increase your exposure and brand visibility in the MENA ecosystem


Grab the attention of entrepreneurs in the MENA region to improve your visibility


Promote your business and increase your visibility to investors and key stakeholders