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Topan is a holistic, Triple-E® Business and Investment Advisory Boutique with a focus on growing and scaling of Micros, Small- and Midsize Companies.

Our Mission is to ensure capital is steered towards positive global change whilst developing Economic, Ecological and Ethical (Triple-E®) values with a strong focus on technological and financial innovation. In keeping with this goal, we have invented an innovative method for empowering and setting up companies for growth and scale. This includes the use of our unique deal designing competencies along the way – aiming to best match capital requirements with carefully tailored financial solutions.

We grow and scale Businesses globally at the stage where they are in motion to pivot into substantial scale scenarios. We engage with Asset Owners to grow and scale their investment vehicles and portfolio companies and we support them with the investment sourcing and advise on the selection procedures.

Our Clients are Small- and Midsize Businesses, Asset Owners (e.g. Qualified and Institutional Investors, Financial Services Institutions and Family Offices), Non-profits and NGOs.

We are a true companion to our Clients and engage globally with businesses in Forestry, Energy, Food, Ecosystem Services and Water, as well as Health, Education and Real Estate and any combinations thereof.

A further source of innovation, available to all Clients, is TopanLAB, dedicated to holistic and beyond today thinking, where we seek to create new solutions and push the state-of-the-art business thinking of our Clients into new dimensions. We strive to have our Clients’ mindset shift towards a new understanding for the value at risk ratio, ‘the Renaissance of Value at Risk’ – a new frontier any investor or business will face tomorrow. The new solutions can be either financial product innovation concepts, innovative business model designs or any kind of business structures or investment structures – the so called Topan Triple-E® Products.


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