SEEDS Partners


Company Information

A privately funded Venture Capital firm based in Kuwait and focused solely on the growth and development of innovative and forward thinking start ups and SME’s throughout Kuwait and the wider GCC and MENA regions.

We accomplish this in a variety of ways, as a solid support structure and investment vehicle for home grown start ups, as well as being the first point of contact for international start ups looking to expand in to the region.

Our values are driven by putting entrepreneurship and collaboration at the heart of everything we do and of course, ensuring the most positive future for the GCC and MENA entrepreneurial community.

Investor Type Venture Capital (VC)

Disclosed Capital Deployed N/A

Ticket Size N/A

Stage Focus N/A

Geo Focus Kuwait, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Oman, Libya, Yemen, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Qatar, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Industry Focus N/A

Location Kuwait City, Kuwait


Startup Relations


Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Branches: N/A