Company Information

Established in 2017, we are a privately-owned company engaged in various sectors ranging from FMCG, agritech, and chemical manufacturing. Our business involves trading in a wide range of products, acting as intermediaries, and developing in-house brands. Unlike other trading companies around the globe that specialize in certain products, our offerings are extremely diversified across the UAE, provided by Sarya General Trading, Sarya Industries, and Smart Acres.

Sarya's advantage stems from our genuine management integrity, support from our skilled teams, and our commitment to quality and innovative solutions. We emphasize and understand customer needs and drive satisfaction from brand awareness down to after-sales care, while remaining adaptable in the face of environmental threats. We build relationships with our clients and deliver value-added products and services at competitive prices. We are committed to constant improvement in every market segment we serve and always strive to pursue excellence from idea to end-user.

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Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Investor Type Holding Company

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