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Kültepe Yatırım


Company Information

"Kültepe Investment was established by 20 investors within the Erban Angel Investor Network to improve the investment climate of Central Anatolia and to make Kayseri a unique and unique center of attraction for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Kültepe Yatırım aims to ensure the development of projects and entrepreneurs by transferring their existing knowledge and experience to the projects they will be investors by providing mentorship, consultancy and leading investment, each of which is a leading investor in their sector. During all these processes, investors also endeavor to facilitate and accelerate the commercial success of enterprises, thanks to their professional and commercial relationships."

Investor Type Venture Capital (VC)

Disclosed Capital Deployed N/A

Ticket Size N/A

Stage Focus N/A

Geo Focus N/A

Industry Focus N/A

Location Turkey


Startup Relations


Location: Turkey

Branches: N/A